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What is cyber crime? Types and how to protect yourself ...

  • shridhar

In the present times, internet has become an essential part of daily life. All our information is available on the Internet, no criminal should steal our available personal information, for this, cyber security is required. Today
To protect the data from being stolen, strict cyber security has been arranged by all countries. Apart from this, through internet, hackers steal the passwords of our bank accounts and other important information, which is a concern for us.

Friends, to prevent cyber crime or data theft, many levels of work are done under cyber security. Chief among these
 Data security,
Mobile Security
 Information Security
Network Security,
Application Security
User Security,
Emergency Security
 Along with this, cloud security has also been arranged. So that in this changing world, we do not have any problem with the threat of any kind of cyber crime. Cyber ​​crime is increasing all over the world. To prevent this, we need to enact stringent laws to strengthen cyber security. Has been

What are the types of cyber attacks?
We also need to change our cyber security with the changing times. Because over time, even big changes in technology are a challenge for everyone. As the technology changes, the nature of cyber attack is also changing. So let us know how cyber attacks happen:

(1) Malware
  It is used to bring the data of any device under its control. To hack any network, the source has a link and an email attached. On clicking, the software runs and the control of the user's device goes into the hands of the hacker. This includes Spyware, viruses, worms, ransomware etc.
(2) Fishing -
This is a type of digital fraud process. In which a user is emailed in the name of a reputed institution, and his personal information is sought such as credit card, debit card bank accounts and other information.
Man-in-the-middle attack (MitM) -
 By this attack, you get information about the conversation between any two parties. In order to avoid attacks like this, use the https website of the Internet, apart from that any app should be daownlod from Google PlayStore itself.
Smishing -
It is similar to a kind of fishing tackle, in which the message is done via SMS. In this, you get a lottery winning message. In the greed of lottery, many give all their information inadvertently.
SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) - Hackers access SQL's database using a SQL injection to steal the data of a website's sensitive information. And it gets information related to it easily.
 Zero Day -
 We all know that there is something missing in every software, by taking advantage of that, hackers are manipulated into it. So that he can get his axis.